Ushay Tower

G.T. Road, National Highway-1

About Ushay Tower

Home is not just a dwelling made of bricks and pieces, but it's an epitome of our self-made heaven. Ushay tower, a mesmerizing home location for those who have love in their hearts and heaven before their eyes. Being located on the most premier G.T. Road, National Highway-1, it's tied to the Delhi-Karnal bypass links within a mere 15 minutes' drive.

The juxtaposition to 6 lane Kundli-Manesar Palwal expressway heightens the eminence to royal residential complex of Ushay towers. The connection of the Ushay Towers with Rajiv Gandhi Education City is a boon for fulfillment of the academic & legal aspirations of its future residents. The upcoming deluxe apartments of the Ushay Towers are all set to release a new wave of cosmopolitan charm with global embellishments.

Remodeled, designed & ingeniously- constructed, Ushay Towers cast a spell with inviting exteriors amongst natural beauty. Beautifully constructed approach roads, hassle-free parking, hi-speed elevators, landscaped gardens, wonderful water bodies & a neat network of roads all add on to the charming culture of Ushay Towers. At Pardesi Group, we don't just operate to deliver the magnificence in the lifestyle, but executes to create experiences that are larger than life. Ushay towers is a project that delivers the grandeur of features that are comfortably insulated from the noises and chaos of the outer world. Just the way you dream for your home.

Floor Plan

Welcome to the world class living!

Indulge in the intimacy of magical moments in your dream home. Luxuriate in the sophisticated sleek & stylish interiors. Each apartment at Ushay Towers has an effusing aura of a hearty home. Expertly designed with all comforts, the interiors are spacious as well as gracious.

Free flowing space merges functionality with finesse. The concurrent flair and dazzling decor initiate a chic, suave ambiance with wondrous walls. Let Ushay Towers re-define your experience of living into a home which is filled with space, grace and the comfort of all the surroundings within. Here come the literal specifications of the home that exists in Ushay towers.


A touch of Heaven in the Reality.

Every person dreams of a home that brings him relaxation, and when that relaxation is coupled with the beauty and the aroma, it's nothing less than heaven. Find your heaven amidst the elegant homes of Ushay Towers. Not just for the sake of internal fulfillment, have the greater enrichment knowing the reality that you are a resident at the most advanced society where comfort and luxury are the order of a day. Experience the ultra-magical version of luxury. Thrive in the alignment of your personality at the global living standards of Ushay Towers. Experience the bliss that makes you wonder if there's any better than this. Refine your WOW with Ushay Towers!

Sophisticated Interior

  • Decoratively Paneled Doors &Windows
  • Vertified Flooring
  • Spacious Bedrooms
  • Glazed & Tiled Toilets
  • Expansive Balconies-All Elevate the Everyday Hassled Living into an Appealing Lifestyle!

Vibe with Elegance

Just like people have souls, Ushay Towers claim to have a soul of its own. Though, it delivers exciting programs such as club house, pool and games arena, it keeps a nourishing vibe that walks through everything. Whether it is landscaped parks & greens, joggers track, outdoor play areas, everything live up in the Ushay Towers. Pollution free open grounds to enrich the body and mind. Relax, rejuvenate and refresh. Energize your body and soul. Soak in the luxury of a splendid lifestyle at Ushay towers.

Price List

S.No.Category AreaPrice
12 BHK1280 Sq. Ft. 5,770,000.00
23 BHK1715 Sq. Ft. 7,700,000.00
35 BHK2391 Sq. Ft. 10,070,000.00
4Penthouse CAT - I3110 Sq. Ft. 14,000,000.00
5Penthouse CAT - II4396 Sq. Ft. 19,500,000.00